We Offer Full Line of Commercial Real Estate Services

Align your real estate dollars with your business goals!

SITE SELECTION: Tax incentives, landlord concessions, proximity to amenities, a complete analysis of all sides of the transaction.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: Apples to apples comparison of properties, we do the work so that you can make the best decision without any guesswork.

TRANSACTION NEGOTIATION: Understanding of all options in a transaction, the most obvious items are rarely the most important.

LEASE ANALYSIS/NEGOTIATION: After the deal is done, the negotiations can really begin, unparalleled understanding of the financial value of each lease section. The best deal negotiations can all come apart without the best lease negotiation.

SUBLEASE/DISPOSITION: Review all options for disposition and marketing of sublease space.

ONGOING SUPPORT OF OPERATION: We are here for our clients whenever they need us.

LEASE AUDITING: Let us make sure that you are being billed correctly, even honest people make mistakes.

INVESTMENT SALES/PURCHASE: Give your building the best chance to sell, make sure it is being marketed to the world.

DEVELOPMENT: We strive to get you a tenant and a lease that reflects your hard work.